Why online dating sucks?

I’m sure you’ve heard the countless numbers of people who are against online dating. Why online dating sucks and should you avoid it altogether?

For one thing, you don’t know anyone, it is very easy to set up and maintain a relationship with someone you have met on the internet, it can get pretty far – but no where near the same as meeting in person. You can also be pretty sure that the people you are chatting with are not that serious about meeting each other. It’s just not going to happen.

No matter how much serious the individuals seem to be about getting together, there is still a big chance they will get bored, lose interest and move on to something more serious. This is also a very public process, since no one can really be private about their life on the internet, they will be in public as well. What can you say?

Online dating sucks, because it isn’t anonymous. It’s your identity is out there for everyone to see. It is easy to find out all sorts of details about you such as your address, birth date, and other things that you probably don’t want to be found out. It’s not impossible to use these details for nefarious purposes either.

This is Why Online Dating SUCKS (And 5 Ways To Fix It)

Experience has shown that many people don’t like to have this information disclosed. Plus they want to know everything about you so they can judge your character. Online dating will definitely give them that opportunity and a reason to make judgments about your past and present behaviors.

Another reason online dating sucks is that people start to get too obsessed with finding out about dates. This could lead to false expectations if they expect to be contacted every time they log onto the internet. Yes, you should talk to someone you are interested in at least once a day, but to send out dozens of emails every single day, leaving your number and address along with your name?

Obviously, this can get pretty annoying. A better idea would be to call and meet, or text instead of emailing. You could even opt to wait for an email reply.

If you are trying to have a real relationship with someone who you are meeting online, the best way to go about doing so is to meet in person and talk to the person on the phone. This can save you from having to send dozens of emails and then worry if someone didn’t read it. You should also know that there is a better chance that you will get a response by leaving your number rather than receiving a “what is your number” email.


Even though it may be fun to chat with someone online, the fact is that online dating is not for everyone. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of control to make it work for you. It is easier to be swept away by the feelings that come up when meeting someone you care about in person, but it will be much harder to get into the heart of someone who is online.

I think that the last reason why online dating sucks is because it doesn’t give you the opportunity to really see the person and to figure out who you would like to go out with. When meeting in person, you get to see the individual in a variety of different situations, like at work, with family, etc.

Now, the most serious question: Is it worth it? It really depends on your priorities. If you are looking for a great relationship and a long-term relationship, or simply want to get to know someone, then yes, it is a good idea.

However, if you are looking for a potential romance that will bring some feelings of excitement and adventure, the online dating process is probably not for you. Just remember that if you try online dating, you might get it wrong, and you can be in a bad situation very quickly. Try something different and save yourself some embarrassment.

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