How to use Wand Massagers or Vibrators – FindThem On Lovify

Are you a woman in need of a tried and true toy that won’t let you down? Well then, there are many products available for you to achieve your goal, and thanks to Lovify and their vast selection of toys, this is easily attainable.

Here are some quick points on how Wand massagers/vibrators work:

  • Wand massagers/vibrators typically have a large head and slim handle. Usually, just the head of the toy vibrates and is meant for external stimulation only. However, newer models have come out with attachments that can be used internally.
  • The most well-known wand is the Magic Wand, making its debut in the world 51 years ago and is known in the adult toy world as the “little black dress,” meaning every woman should own one.
  • Wand vibrators are some of the most powerful toys on the market, which is why women love them; however, they should be used with caution and only for advanced users. We suggest starting with the mini wand versions to get you familiar.

Here are some of the Lovify staff favorites and well-known wands:

  •    Hitachi Magic Wand Original White

As mentioned previously, this is the iconic magic wand. You say wand, and this is the first thing people see in their heads. Hitachi Magic Wand has not changed much from 51 years ago and is known for being the most powerful wand on the market. The original still comes with a corded power plugin and a large white vinyl head. Again, to be used with caution and for advanced toy users.

  •    Magic Wand Personal Massager Rechargeable Silicone White

Magic Wand Personal Massager Rechargeable Silicone White – is the upgraded version of the magic wand. The wireless version is rechargeable with varying vibration patterns and multiple speeds. This wand is a larger hand-held device and also upgraded to a soft silicone head.

  •    Aria Silicone Vibra Wand Waterproof Fuchsia

The Aria Vibra wand is a cute mini wand that comes in multiple adorable colors.

Features a small textured silicone head and is perfect for beginners and those wanting more targeted stimulation. The smaller head allows for that pin-point external vibration.

  •    Fifty Shades Freed Awash With Sensation Mains Wand Vibrator

This toy is sleek, comes in a gorgeous wine color with rose gold trim, and features eight vibrating patterns and 12 speeds!

This wand will keep you occupied. Take your time and narrow down which settings will become your favorites. The wireless rechargeable medical grade silicone is just a few upgraded features you’ll love with this modern twist to the original wand vibrators we all love.

  •    Rianne S Fembot USB Rechargeable Massager Mint Green

Another example of an upgraded wand vibrator is the Rianne S Fembot. If the cool vintage colors of mint green and pink don’t sway you, maybe the high tech LCD screen and touch buttons will. This wand is cordless, battery-operated, and features a textured flexible head, which will give you 2 hrs of playtime or relaxation time if you choose.


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